School Lunch Menu by 特韦尔

School lunches are provided by 特韦尔.

Catering in schools isn’t just about the meal on the plate – it’s about engaging with young impressionable customers and developing a positive, healthy relationship around food. Our strong belief is that the more children are involved with food – whether that’s eating it, learning about w在这里 food comes from, or separating the healthy eating fact from fiction with our nutritionists – the more likely they are going to enjoy food. With such a positive experience of food at school, children and young adults are far more likely to grow up with a healthy attitude not just towards mealtimes but also their overall wellbeing.

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Celebrations for 伊甸园 Girls after exceptional GCSE results

The whole school community at 伊甸园 Girls’ School, Waltham Forest is celebrating exceptional GCSE results after pupils sat exams for the first time since 2019.


Open Evening 2022 took place on 13th October 2022

Application deadline is the 31st October.

If you missed our event, click the link below & visit Twitter for more information.

Open Evening Video

Outstanding Again 2022!

Ofsted Grades 伊甸园 Outstanding in All Areas - September 2022

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